How to Start a Productive Online Business and Get Sh*t Done - Even If You Are Working from 9-5!


I’d like to add something extra to this already comprehensive book. If you are still deciding if you’d like to download your free copy of “Online Business Productivity” or not, I’ll also throw the following bonuses to the mix:

  • Eating The Frog – The Blogger Style! You know that great time management book called “Eat That Frog!” by Brian Tracy? Well, my e-book is based on Eat That Frog – with the exception that it tells you how to implement the 21 lessons found in Brian’s book but in blogging. Practical and actionable advice that truly improves your blogging productivity!
  • Extreme Content Strategy for Part-Time Bloggers. How I was able to keep my blog up-to-date with fresh content, while having a day job, spending time with my family, with my commitments and while writing “Online Business Productivity”.
  • How I Wrote an E-Book Without Knowing It! My story how I almost wrote an e-book without realizing it myself. This e-book shows how you can write your next e-book with ease and why you hit “multiple flies” at once with this way.
  • 61 Ways to Supercharge Your Blogging Productivity. Tips and tricks on how to improve your blogging productivity. Tools, mindsets, content creation … 8 various areas which help you to become a better and more productive blogger!
  • Access to Productive Superdad+ (PSD+ for short). On top of these four e-books/reports, I have also something else for you … a special private resource which contains even more productivity-related material (e-books, reports …)!

Just tell me your name and e-mail address and within minutes you have the access to the PDF version of the book (+ these bonuses)!

What readers say:

"I have to admit, when Timo first gave me this book to read I was expecting a bunch of theoretical jargon and a rehash of things I already knew. Boy, I could NOT have been more wrong!

As a Part Time Marketer myself, I know the value and importance of developing systems and routines for being more productive and making things happen in my business. In Online Business Productivity, you're exposed to the secrets of being productive from no less than 18 very successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life. I came away with 2 "aha" moments...

First, that not all productivity strategies work for everyone. What will work for me and Timo may not work for you. But you have so many tips to choose from in this book, you're bound to find some that work extremely well for you. Second, I became aware that while this is not a one size fits all kind of problem, the CONCEPTS of being more productive are quite universal. When you read this book, you'll know exactly what I mean. Awesome read for anyone with limited time for their business, I'll definitely be recommending this to my team and readers."

- Dr. Bob Clarke, Bob and Rosemary

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