How to Start a Productive Online Business and Get Sh*t Done - Even If You Are Working from 9-5!


I’d like to add something extra to this already comprehensive book. If you are still deciding if you’d like to download your free copy of “Online Business Productivity” or not, I’ll also throw the following bonuses to the mix:

  • Eating The Frog – The Blogger Style! You know that great time management book called “Eat That Frog!” by Brian Tracy? Well, my e-book is based on Eat That Frog – with the exception that it tells you how to implement the 21 lessons found in Brian’s book but in blogging. Practical and actionable advice that truly improves your blogging productivity!
  • Extreme Content Strategy for Part-Time Bloggers. How I was able to keep my blog up-to-date with fresh content, while having a day job, spending time with my family, with my commitments and while writing “Online Business Productivity”.
  • How I Wrote an E-Book Without Knowing It! My story how I almost wrote an e-book without realizing it myself. This e-book shows how you can write your next e-book with ease and why you hit “multiple flies” at once with this way.
  • 61 Ways to Supercharge Your Blogging Productivity. Tips and tricks on how to improve your blogging productivity. Tools, mindsets, content creation … 8 various areas which help you to become a better and more productive blogger!
  • Access to Productive Superdad+ (PSD+ for short). On top of these four e-books/reports, I have also something else for you … a special private resource which contains even more productivity-related material (e-books, reports …)!

Just tell me your name and e-mail address and within minutes you have the access to the PDF version of the book (+ these bonuses)!

What readers say:

“The Productive Superdad has done it again! He's pulled together 18 entrepreneurs and getting their take on how to get stuff done. It's not what you might expect, either. From blasting through the fallacy that you have to be a morning person (instead, work when you can) to managing interruptions while working from home, to planning what you need to focus on by month, week and day...this book provides methods that are tried and true.

“There is no one-size-fits-all productivity system, and the viewpoints in this book give you a good starting place of things to try to craft your own. Even seasoned pros can get good information or a different take on things -- I know I have been thinking about many of these methods, and have applied some of them already with great success. I've already started focusing on my "big rocks" and measuring all other tasks against them.

“Even if you are not interested in starting your own business, you need to read this book. Productivity methods aren't just for entrepreneurs. They apply to everyone, and you won't find a better collection.

- LJ Earnest, Simple Productivity Blog

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